What is Visa Card - What are the benefits of Visa Card - How do I get it

What is Visa Card - What are the benefits of Visa Card - How do I get it

What is Visa Card - What are the benefits of Visa Card - How do I get it

In this post you will learn more about what is Visa Card, the benefits of Visa Card and how to get Visa Card.

What is Visa Card?

Visa is a US-based multinational company that provides financial services worldwide. The company has made it easy to withdraw money and make purchases in different countries of the world through the card. Currently, Visa branded debit, credit and gift cards (etc.) are available.

Visa Network?

Visa acts primarily as a third party between the merchant bank and the customer. Visa also serves as the settlement network of the card issuing bank. Visa charges a small fee for payment processing. Visa provides additional online security by using this payment network called Visa Network.

Where to use Visa Card?

Visa credit and debit cards can be used at countless merchant points in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Visa cards are accepted in different payment categories. Many online and offline shopping centers in our country also accept Visa cards.

Types of Visa Credit Cards?

The Visa debit card works just like the other ten debit cards. If you have money in your bank account, you can withdraw or spend that money with this debit card. On the other hand, Visa also offers different types of credit cards. Here are some types of Visa credit cards:

•Visa Classic: The most widely used credit card in the world. Almost any type of shopping, traveling and dining transactions can be done with this type of card.

•Visa Gold: This type of card allows access to more credit lines. This card provides travel, medical and legal assistance. Special offers are also available for travel, dining and retail purchases worldwide.

•Visa Platinum: This is basically a premium credit card. These types of cardholders get many benefits and rewards. In addition, various leading hotels, electronic retail stores, medical stores offer the use of Visa cards.

•Visa Signature: This type of card offers a variety of services and benefits from the bank. This card can be used around the clock in almost all countries of the world. Apart from this, offers are also available in this card for hotel, travel, shopping.

•Visa Infinite: This card can be called Visa and Elite Card. With this card you have the opportunity to avail maximum offers and benefits.

What is Visa Card - What are the benefits of Visa Card - How do I get it


The benefits of Visa Card depend on its package. Let us know about the package based benefits of Visa Card.


Visa Card Basic Package offers benefits like emergency assistance, emergency card replacement, extended buying warranty, rented car protection.


The name of the mid-range Visa card package is Signature. In addition to all the benefits of the Basic Package, the Signature Package also offers exclusive benefits and offers for online portal discounts, entertainment, travel, sports events, etc.


The Visa Infinite package adds additional benefits to the two packages mentioned above. Originally designed for the use of the upper class, this Visa package offers almost all the benefits of using a card.

How do I get a Visa Card?

I learned about the benefits and uses of Visa card. Now let's know how to get Visa card.

Many public and private commercial banks in Bangladesh issue Visa cards to customers on a fixed charge basis. Citi Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Islami Bank, Shahjalal Islami Bank, etc. are some of the notable banks which provide Visa cards to their customers. Banks that issue Visa cards, if you are a customer, you can get a Visa card from that bank for a specific charge.

If you want to get a Visa card, first go to any branch of the bank that provides the Visa card. You can find out whether a bank issues a Visa card from the official website of the bank. If you already have a Visa card facility at a bank that already has an account, go to the bank branch to get a Visa card from them.

After going to the bank, go to the employed agent and tell them about getting your Visa card. Note that if you want to take Visa Debit Card from any bank, you must have an account with that bank. So if you want to get a Visa Debit Card from the bank, if you do not have an account with that bank, you have to create an account first.

A photocopy of National Identity Card and 2 copies of passport size photo will be required to create a bank account. You will also need a photocopy of the ID card of the person you are adding as a nominee. More documents may be required as required by the bank.

When opening an account, tell the bank official that you want to get your Visa card. He will then tell you how to get a Visa card and what to do. If you follow the instructions given by the agent, you will get your Visa card in time.

And if you want to take a Visa Credit Card, it will work even if you do not have a bank account

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