Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

We all know about torrent websites and underground search engines. Torrent sites and underground search engines are the easiest way to get what mainstream search engines can't.

Today I will talk about torrent sites, I would like to say before, even if you download the required files from free or free torrent sites, there is a huge privacy risk. At the same time, your device may be infected by various malware or viruses, so use it at your own risk.

How to find an underground search engine or torrent site?

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

Most of the internet users just see a part of it and very few people have any idea about the huge other part of it. Let's take a look at some layers of the Internet,

1. Surface Web

This part of the Internet is viewed by average users. This section is indexed by various standard search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc. All the results displayed in these search engines fall under the Surface Web.

2. Deep web

Simply put, password protected different webpages are called deep web. In general search engines, those pages are not indexed because only those pages can be entered through password. Moreover, various private companies or educational institutions may have webpages that are accessible only to certain people.

3. Dark Web

The hidden part of the Internet is basically the Dark Web. Dark Web Hidden is a network that can be accessed through various underground search engine torrent sites. Users cannot normally access torrent sites with any standard browser. The Dark Web Network is known as Tor or Onion Routing. Where general website extensions are in most cases. Com torrent website extension there. Onion.

Setting up Tor Browser can be a daunting task for the average user and hence the emergence of torrent and underground search engines. Ordinary users can also download files from the Dark-Web through the torrent client using the torrent search engine.

Is an underground torrent site or search engine valid?

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

Torrent files are not stored on any specific server, when downloaded it will come to your PC from another user's PC. The file will be transmitted from your PC to your PC by those who have already downloaded it. Here a specific user is called Peer and again this transmission process is called Seeding. This way one user can download premium software, movies, low cost or free from one user to another.

The good news is that torrent websites have never been controlled by any government, so many popular torrent sites have been banned and permanently shut down. One of the reasons Torrent websites are shut down is because they infringe copyright, which is a threat to certain individuals or enterprises. At the same time, users have a privacy risk.

Seven great torrent and underground sites?

Below are links to some torrent websites, but keep in mind that torrents can sometimes get interrupted because many ISPs block torrents. In that case it would be wise to use VPN.

1. Limetorrents

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

The Limetorrents torrent site was created in 2009 with more than 24 million users at the moment. It is one of the most popular underground search engines in the world, with an estimated library of over 10 million torrents.

On the Limetorrents site you will find movies, games, apps, TV shows and much more. Here you will find a list of frequent download torrents along with a list of recent updates. Here are some e-books or user manuals that you won't find on other sites.


Official Website: @Limetorrents

2. The Pirate Bay

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

The Pirate Bay (TPB) site was launched in 2013. It is called the Ultimate Platform of Premium Staff. This site is always ahead in downloading all the premium files for free.

TPB has a huge database of torrent files of different categories such as Games, Movies, TV shows, Music, Software, etc. This is called the king of P2P file sharing. Moreover, its user interface is very simple, even those who are new to torrenting will not have any difficulty in understanding.

Here you will find multiple mirror links and magnet links to make file downloads easier. However, it is better to say that TPB is not available in all countries, but having a VPN is not a big problem.

The Pirate Bay

Official Website: @The Pirate Bay

3. Torlock

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

Torlock is a torrent website famous for high quality animations, movies, TV series, e-books. There are currently over 4.8 million files available on this site.

Users will get the top 100 popular torrents in a different way, it will be convenient to choose the best torrents. Torlock has a huge music library. Its user interface is also quite nice.


Official website: @Torlock


Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

You will find a huge collection of torrents including free movies, games, music, software, TV shows and many more on the Torrentdownloads site. It is one of the most popular active torrent websites. This site is available in almost all countries except UK.

Official Website:

5. YTS

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

YTS site for downloading the most popular high quality movies. You will find new and old high quality movies of different genres in it. It has more than 75 million users and more than 30,000 movies.

YTS has a great interface to get every movie Synopsis, Specs, and IMDb ratings. This website, however, has recently sued under copyright law.

Although the number of ads is much lower now than before, various pop ads can still jeopardize your privacy. It is better to use VPN in case your data can be shared elsewhere illegally.


Official Website: @YTS

6. Zoogle

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

Zoogle is a popular torrent site for video games and movies. It has a huge library of the best movies and video games. Normally from this site you can download files in 1 to 2 MB mb / s per second. It has more than 5 million monthly users.

The user interface of this Zoogle site is quite user friendly and according to the category, subscribers will easily find new games. But one of the drawbacks of this torrent site is the extra pop-up so you can be a little annoyed.


Official Website: @Zoogle

7. AIO Search

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

AIO Search is a meta search engine with a clean user interface that is very easy to use.

This site basically indexes torrent files from other meta search engines. You can also search for specific files from this site through magnet links or torrent files.

AIO Search is a full meta search engine that allows you to search specific content on P2P networks. There is a system to filter according to quality and size.

AIO Search

Official Website: @AIO Search

How to choose the best torrent site?

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

For torrent file downloads, you need to choose a website that is easy to use, clean and has good file download speeds. While browsing can be done safely using VPN, you can follow some of the best tips for torrenting,

Consider the age and reputation of the site?

Websites that have been around for a long time are thought to be largely safe from malware. Moreover, before using it, you can google about certain sites. Some popular sites are now completely closed, but there may be websites with the same name, so be sure to check out the virus.

Consider the health of the torrent file?

The number of torrent seeders is higher than the number of leechers. All these torrents will be healthy and fast download. Moreover, the torrents that have been downloaded most of the time are also good torrents.

One of the drawbacks of torrent downloads is that sometimes downloads take a long time, so it is important to check Seeders and Leechers. Torrents that have more Seeders and Leechers download faster.

Consider site content?

Consider the content according to your needs and choose the torrent site, for example, all the websites that have movies, apps, games, you can use the best sites for downloading games in a special way. It can be said that you will get a huge collection of specific content.

Check Ad?

Underground search engines mainly earn money through advertising, so it is normal to have ads. However, sites that do not show too many pop or malicious ads, use all the websites.

How to download torrent file?

Top 7 Torrent Search Engines for Free and Unlimited Downloads

So far we have talked about some of the best torrent sites and later we will see how to select the torrent site according to your needs, now we will talk about how to download the torrent file.

Torrent files cannot be downloaded directly or the files are not stored on any specific server, you need to use the torrent client to download the file. Although there are many torrent clients on the Internet, most users use µTorrent clients.

Last word?

Not only is torrent file downloading illegal, it can sometimes lead to jail time, so be careful. It's best to stay away from torrents all the time. If you have to download, use VPN for your own security.

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