Rules and warnings for installing apps from the Play Store

Rules and warnings for installing apps from the Play Store

Rules and warnings for installing apps from the Play Store

The Google Play Store is a reliable name for installing apps on Android smartphones. If you want to download the app without any risk, there is no alternative to Google Play Store on Android device. However, some of the apps that have been attacked in the past have been through the apps in the Play Store.

Naturally, if there is malware or virus in an app, Google does not approve it in Google Play Store. However, some apps enter the Play Store with this security hoax and infect thousands of devices.

Due to this kind of incident, users have faced security risks even by installing the app from the Play Store only by omitting the sideload. So it is important to follow some rules and precautions when installing apps from Play Store. Let's find out more about the rules and precautions for installing apps from the Play Store.

Rules for installing apps from the Play Store

First, you need to sign in to the Play Store with your Google Account to install the app from the Play Store. Google account means you can take a Gmail account. After signing in, if there is any useful update in the Play Store, it will take it automatically. Then you can install your favorite apps from different categories and feeds in the Play Store.

Many of us enter the Play Store and start installing whatever we like. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is room for reflection. Funny features can be enjoyed by installing new apps, but if a malware app gets into the phone in the crowd of these apps, the consequences can be quite horrible.

Now the question is how to proceed in installing the app from the Play Store. The matter is much simpler. If you search by typing the name of the app you are looking for, you will get the desired app. Google has reduced the search results of popular apps to ensure that no one forgets to install clone apps of popular apps.

In the case of apps, most of the time searching for common keywords can lead to unwanted app results. So try to search directly by entering the name of your desired app.

This means that it is better to search by typing "Snapseed" or "Picsart" or "Lightroom" (whichever you prefer) than by typing "Photo editor". Especially when it comes to installing games, you have to be very careful. In the case of games, most of the time the search results are filled with other games with nearby names. Many of these games may contain different viruses or malware.

So whether it is a game or an app, check their publisher at the time of download and download. The name of the publisher of the game can be seen to confirm how accurate the game is.

Well, the desired app was found. Now it's time to install the app. But no, there is one more thing left if you really want to ensure the security of the app - check the permissions of the app.

Storage, Contact, Microphone, Camera, etc. Permissions go away after installing the app, but many permissions become active during app installation. So before installing a game or app, enter the info of that game or app and make sure that the permissions that are being asked are really needed. Also, do not grant access to permissions that do not seem to be required after installing the game.

However, there is no need to go too far in this regard. For example, it may seem that there is no need to access the microphone or contacts of a keyboard app. But the keyboard app offers personalized suggestions using voice typing and contacts using a microphone. But if you do not want that facility then you can not give that permission!

Warning to install apps from Play Store

The rules for installing apps are known from the Play Store, so let's find out about some of the necessary precautions in installing apps.

When installing the app, from the name of the app to the logo of the app, everything should be noted. Attempts are often made to fool users by using an app with the same name or a logo that looks almost identical.

As a conscious user, you should personally check if the app is genuine when installing it. Besides, it is necessary to check the permissions of those apps. Avoid giving unnecessary access permissions. A little extra awareness can ensure the security of your favorite Android device.

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