New community features are coming to WhatsApp

New community features are coming to WhatsApp

New community features are coming to WhatsApp

The biggest update ever came on WhatsApp. In this update, "Communities" has been added to WhatsApp, which will give a whole new dimension to messaging on WhatsApp. Let's find out more about WhatsApp Communities.

WhatsApp has undergone a number of dramatic changes due to the addition of the Communities feature. Especially the more member groups will be able to enjoy the best benefits of the communities. In addition to new features like file sharing, group calls of 32 people and emoji reactions, admin tools and moderation controls have been added.

256 people can take part in a simple WhatsApp group chat. Thousands of users can participate in the community. WhatsApp has been working with the community feature for a long time. Rumors have been circulating for a long time that this feature has been added to the app. Eventually this new feature was officially added to WhatsApp.

Many private communities use WhatsApp for its end-to-end encryption system. WhatsApp's new "Communities" feature is likely to become popular by capitalizing on this issue.

The WhatsApp Communities feature can compete with privacy-focused apps like Telegram. The use of private messaging apps like iMessage and Signal has increased in recent times. At the same time groupmi, band, reminder, etc. apps are being used in large numbers for communication through group chat.

“The medium of online communication is changing which is now visible. Most of us users find interesting content and stay updated using social networks and feeds. But messaging as part of more in-depth communication has now become part of the digital life. Encryption makes it more secure, making chats more private and intimate, "CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post about the new feature.

The WhatsApp Communities feature will work much like a Facebook group. Using WhatsApp communities like Facebook Groups, various organizations, classes and schools will be able to network their members and maintain virtual communication. Note that the WhatsApp community will also have a sub-group feature where members can chat in small groups.

However, there is no possibility that Facebook group and WhatsApp group can complement each other. The reasons behind the type and structure of the two types of groups are quite different. Facebook groups may try to bring under one umbrella strangers without interest in the same subject. WhatsApp communities, on the other hand, are private and personal groups, where members are already known and even connected to each other in multiple ways.

Another difference between a Facebook group and a WhatsApp group is that groups can be found by searching on public or platforms, but not by searching in WhatsApp communities. Only if you invite a person to a community can that person join.

New community features are coming to WhatsApp

Admins can link existing groups to communities if they want to, and create groups from scratch if they want. WhatsApp believes that there are many group chats that will be able to make proper use of the WhatsApp Communities feature.

Some new features have been introduced for admins to manage communities. A member can be added to the community separately, again new members can join by invite link. The admin has the power to remove any member of the group. Also only certain admin announcements can be shared in the community group.

All the mentioned features will be available on WhatsApp soon. Let's take a look at the new features.

•Reactions: Adding reactions to WhatsApp messages is going to be added so that everyone can leave their comments without leaving too many messages in the chat.

•Admin Delete: If a group admin wants, you can remove any erroneous or problematic message which will be deleted from all group member's device.

•File Sharing: The previous file sharing limit has been increased to a new file size limit of 2 GB so that large files can be sent in groups with ease.

•Voice Call: The benefit of live calling is coming with a maximum of 32 people in one call

This was the beginning of the new feature of WhatsApp, Communities. Once the feature is fully open to everyone, you will find a guide to using it on our website. Let us know how you like the feature by leaving your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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