Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

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Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

Google Browser will undoubtedly be the winner of Google Chrome. Google Chrome has all the features you need to be an ideal browser. Extensions, themes, etc. have been added to Google Chrome over time. Google Chrome is such a powerful brand that an entire operating system has been built around it, called "Chrome OS". Many people have limited access to this browser due to lack of knowledge about Chrome browser.

In this post you will learn some tips and tricks of Google Chrome browser for Windows and Mac computer which will change the experience of using your Chrome browser.


Don't miss the box at the top of the Chrome browser, just think of the space for typing the address. This space is called Omnibox, which can be used for typing addresses as well as setting timers from Google search. For example, if you search by typing calculator, you will get a complete calculator in the search results. Suppose again you write "Set a timer for 20 minutes," then the timer will be set for 20 minutes.

Currency conversion from one currency to another? No worries, it is possible to solve these problems with the help of Google search directly from Chrome. Suppose you want to know how much money is currently being exchanged for 100 US dollars, type “100 dollars to taka” and you will see the amount of money without pressing enter.

Not only money, but also various mathematical calculations can be done through this search. Any unit can be converted directly using this search feature. You can make life a lot easier by using the search engine as well as Chrome's top bar.


Keyboard shortcuts help increase user productivity in any type of Google Chrome browser. Once you learn these keyboard shortcuts, your browser experience will be much better than before. Below are some of the most used Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

Media Viewer

Did you know that Chrome browser can also be used as a media viewer? Any image, video or audio can be opened using Chrome browser. To view any image, play video or listen to audio, drag and drop the file into Chrome. Diameter! Got a new media viewer app from now on.

Quick search

Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

While browsing the internet, we often come across some things that we want to know more about. But I don't know why I don't know, I don't want to search. Chrome's Quick Search feature may solve this problem. When visiting any website, select the topic you want to know about and select the “Search Google for…” option by right clicking the mouse button. A new tab will open where you can see the Google search results for your selected topic.

Chrome restart

If for some reason you need to restart Chrome but don't want to lose the tabs that are open, type "Chrome://restart" in Chrome's top bar and enter. This will close and reopen all Chrome windows and tabs.

Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

Custom search engine

Want to search other websites besides Google using Chrome search option? There are also benefits to Chrome's custom search engine feature. This feature can be very useful for searching Quickly YouTube or finding the required email from Gmail.

Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

Enter chrome://settings/searchEngines to set up a new search engine. Then click on the “Add” option under the Default Search Engines section. Enter the name of the search engine. Then enter a keyword for the search engine that will be useful to search. Then enter the URL of the website i.e. the link and click on Save.

Once the search engine is set up, to search by the set up search engine, first type the keyword in the address bar and then type the search query by pressing the Tab key.

Reading list

Found an interesting topic but want to save it for later reading? You can use the reading list feature to read any webpage later. This feature syncs with the Google Account, adding the saved article reading list to all devices.

To add a webpage to a reading list, click on the bookmark icon (★) next to the address bar and select the "Add to reading list" option. The saved webpage can be viewed by clicking on the reading list icon in the right corner of the bookmark bar. Saved pages are sorted into two categories, read and unread.

Tab group

For those who are accustomed to extreme level browsing, the feature of adding multiple tabs to a tab group can be very useful. The tab group feature should be used if you want to keep the visited tabs organized. To create a new tab group, right-click on any tab and select the "Add tab to new group" option.

Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

The pop-up menu then takes actions such as giving the group name and color, adding new tabs, splitting the group, closing all tabs in the same group, and opening all tabs in a new window. You can also re-arrange tabs in groups, add new tabs or remove pages by dragging tabs. Right-clicking on a tab within a group will show you the option to add new tabs, remove tabs, or move to new or other groups.

After sorting the tabs into groups, the tabs can be hidden by clicking on the group name. This makes it easier to find all the open tabs.

Chrome Task Manager

Chrome has a lot of RAM names to occupy. However, like Windows Task Manager, Chrome has a separate task manager. In this task manager you can see which tabs and processes are slowing down your computer by occupying more RAM and CPU.

Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

Press Shift key and Esc key together to open Chrome's Task Manager.

Experimental features

Want to use Chrome's latest features before it's released? You can use experimental features. You need to download the beta version of Chrome to use these features.

Google Chrome's Best Tips and Tricks - For Windows and Mac Computers

After downloading the beta version:

•Open Chrome Beta and click the Experiments button

•Select the feature of your choice by clicking on the drop down menu below the feature

•Turn on the feature you want to try by clicking Enable

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